Monday, June 6, 2011

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Hi Friends,

Home Smart Black Out has developed a stamp that blocks your information from those pesky dumpster divers bend on stealing your identity. Recently received my stamp and it really works. Unfortunately, the word is out so they have a long back-order list so get your order in early. The stamp is designed to block your information on credit card statements, bank statements, bills, magazines and catalogs. It hides your address, social security number and account numbers with permanent ink that can't be erased or washed out. A unique jumbled stamp pattern can never be read. Easier and quicker than shredding, scribbling over account information or tearing bank statements into tiny pieces. They also offer a Black Out Security Pen which writes with permanent ink so names and amounts on checks can't be changed.

NOTE: Let glossy surfaces dry completely before discard.

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